chrόnos | Dimitra Galani meets
Petros Klampanis, Thomas Konstantinou,
Spyros Manesis and
Christos Rafalides


This is the name of Dimitra Galani’s project with an exquisite quartet of Greek Musicians, the central axis of which are
songs written by the greatest Greek artists, poets and composers.

The orchestrations of this group of musicians highlight in a unique way the influences of greek music from the East to the West. Petros
Klampanis on bass, Thomas Konstantinou on oud, lute and guitar, Spyros Manesis on piano, Chris Rafalides on the vibraphone they
become “one” with Dimitra Galani is the “Chorus Leader”. The singer in this project encapsulates the history of greek song, as she
is herself part of it, having been taught from these great artists since she made her first steps as a singer. She is as if she is the link 

connecting the past with the present. One could say that in this unique project Dimitra Galani is chrόnos (Time). chrόnos
are all the songs that we need to recall in order to redifine our culture and roots.